Million Dollar Branders provide support in devising practical strategies to best navigate the brave new world of digital disruption.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in branding, marketing and sales but also in achieving operational objectives and implementing production. Many companies hire us to run facilitated workshops that evaluate current brand collateral and equity before launching into new marketing campaigns.

These sessions are critical in ensuring all key stakeholders have an opportunity to be part of the process. Being a third party allows us to provide businesses with an impartial yet forensic analysis of past, present and future strategic directions. MDB’s top Creative Consultants are available in both a sustained or ad hoc capacity to conduct education and training, market research, on-going marketing campaign advice, brand “pulse checks” and our popular quarterly “Design-Thinking Strategy Days”.

MDB Consulting has a wide range of consultants available to ensure you have expert advice on everything from brand activation strategy to improving team cohesion. We have a passion for telling brand stories and generating marketing collateral and websites that cut through the marketplace clutter. Our consultants have worked in such diverse fields as digital agencies, start-up incubators, corporate training, business accelerators, and even lecturing in High Schools.


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