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Million Dollar Brander’s Founder, Justine is an experienced, engaging and in-demand speaker when it comes to all things marketing, and promotions. Her years in the advertising world form the basis for an educational and entertaining keynote address.

“Justine P. is a master at establishing and amplifying brands.” – New York Journal

Justine started her first business at age 6 and never looked back. She is now a 33 year branding expert and global keynote speaker who helps companies and brands accelerate their success. She is masterful at showing entrepreneurs and driven individuals how hustle, disruption, creativity, passion, and innovation lead to transformation and excellence.

Over the past decade Justine has emerged as a creative visionary and futurist in the advertising, creative, and digital industry. She began her career working for top global advertising and digital agencies. Through this time, Justine had the opportunity to work and learn alongside some of the best creative directors and talent in the world.

The time for Justine to pursue her own avenue came and she founded the global advertising agency Million Dollar Branders at the age of 24. Her agency focuses on building smaller brands and turning them into million dollar empires, as well as taking big brands and accelerating their success even further to be game changers in their industries. Justine believes that in order to make $#it happen (also the title of her new book) “you need to be your own competition”.

Justine has worked with celebrities, millionaires, Fortune 500 companies, leading tech start ups, top venture capitalists and global brand giants such as PwC, Coke, American Express, Nike, Optus,  and Qantas.

Her successful book “MAKE $#IT HAPPEN” is taking the world by storm and accompanying her internationally sought out keynote presentation “MAKE $#IT HAPPEN”.



JUSTINEPYou can purchase a copy of her book here.



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